Slow Down!

Arriving at the most beautiful End of the World

Travelling to Steinberg means experiencing Tyrol in all its natural glory and nativeness. Coming from the Inn-valley i.e. from Innsbuck or Salzburg, you have to leave the highway at Wiesing, drive up the panorama street and 9km along the gorgeous Achensee to Achenkirch. Coming from the north, i.e. from Munich you will reach Achenkirch as well, across the sophisticated Tegernsee and through the shadowy forest of Achen. Arrived in Achenkirch you will have to take the turnoff to "Erholungsdorf Steinberg am Rofan" and finally the beautiful mountain of Steinberg "the Guffert" will welcome you.

What follows is unique even for Tyrol: a lovely, even street winds trough alm-like ground, surrounded by lush meadows and woods, accompanied by a gently flowing brook. After this dreamy sequence of about 10 minutes Steinberg opens up. Keep right at the fork until you reach the church, and following this route, you will arrive at the Mesnerhof-C at 1000 meters - Hearty Welcome!