More than just sharing - Being.Home!

We have to admit, "superhost" was not our own invention. Actually it is a consequence of numerous 5 star ratings by the airbnb community. We are so happy, every three months since we have opened the farmers´ CABIN we are getting awarded with the superhost status. And it looks like this status is solidifying with the new mountain CAMP. 
Actually, we are suprised ourselves. Because basically we just wanted to create a home in the mountains. Of course, we also wanted to save alpine mountain culture, the connection between space and innovation and alternative tourism concepts for Being.Together - and we still do!
But if even we loose the conceptional superstructure, our core effort stays  to create a good place with the Mesnerhof-C - and to share this place with YOU. So is our home is your home and the Mesnerhof is what we are: always a bit of work in progress, undogmatic design orientated, joyful implementation, reluctant, tolerant, self-ironical and finally curiously learning in exchange with you, our Super-Guests.

In this spirit we are always open for your wishes and requests,
with heart and passion
Georg and the Superhosts of the Mesnerhof-C


Executive SuperHost

Responsible for just about everything.




Hidden SuperHost

The invisible hand - noticable everywhere!


Operating SuperHost

Prepares the rooms and welcomes you at the Mesnerhof-C.