Slow Events


At this point we want to distinguish the special tranquility of the local mountain village. At the end of a high valley, in safe distance to the stronghold of tourism Achernsee, rests Steinberg with around 300 residents. The lovely centre of the village includes just about seven buildings. Next to the Mesnerhof ensemble arranges merely a century old mountain-church, a small parish hall, the Steinberg´s inn of pastor Widum and the home of our dearest neighbor Markus. 

So if you come to us, slow down and engage with the steady life of Steinberg. That does not mean you cannot celebrate here. On the contrary, festive occasions find a very charming frame at the Mesnerhof-C, but suiting the place. You can find out wether your intention is about to be a "Slow Event" with help of our "rules for successfully Being.Together" (especially rule nr. 2 "Off-time, Party and Music").

For Slow Events the Mesnerhof-C provides an unique room offer for up to 50 people. Besides the 2000m² outside area including two terraces, there is the 170m² "WoodenShip" connected to an open kitchen and a terrace in the middle of the happening. There you can compile flexible tables, various benches and chairs to a coherent working table. 

DIY Events

Generally there is the principle of Do-It-Yourself at the Mesnerhof-C - even for celebrations and events. That means you can finally do your own thing, decorate down to your whim, culinary run riot and draw the exact vibes you want for your conception of Being.Together with family and friends.

If you have any special wishes or requests, please let us know. We can talk about everything. In any case helpful for organisation is our SuperList for selfcaterer, i.a. with contacts of caterers, chefs´ for rent, beverage servic ect. Further more, the ground view of the building can be useful as cable assign for overall 16 rooms or 37 beds.