Mesnerhof-C is a place where communities find a home. It is importand for us to stay connected. We want to reach out to people who want to learn about the region, respect the old traditions but also see the land as potential room for something new.

What we do not want is a cold exchange relationship - on the one hand the destant landlord, on the other hand the anonymous cosument. With us guest and host encounter on one eye level. We can talk about everything. An instant booking is not possible. We really want to know previously why you chose the Mesnerhof-C to Be.Together with your family, your friends or your collegues. That is why we use community-based booking platforms like airbnb. There we are - thanks to our guests - SuperHost.

As a community we like to keep in touch and are happy to see posts on facebook, instagram & co. Further more we would like to give you the opportunity to share your experiences. Therefore, if you would like to send us 3 photos and a few sentences: who you are (origin, size of your group) what were you doing in the Mesnerhof-C and finally what was your favorite thing about your experience or what would you recommend, we will nominate you as a SuperGuest.


The Mesnerhof-C is a place of power - Viktoria knows and her football girls of the SV Hohenlinden as well