New Work!


No doubt, the magical Mesnerhof ensemble inbetween the guarding mountains of Tyrol correspond to the dream of an idyllic vacation. Even more surprising that the revitalization actually underlies the contension with new working environments. Since the early 2000´s we concentrate on the cooperation of room and innovation (see Principle C). To be more specific with how to use "land & nature" for the emergence of the new (see VirginSoil). Hence, our sensores are currently focused on the cities, where creatives, entrepreneurs and increasingly the "well-established" biotops of a new kind of work blossom up. In a way, the Mesnerhof-C generates the bridging of city to mountain for urban new- & co-workers.

No worries, there are no computer workplaces. The infrastructure stays extensively inconspicious and whatever you call work will happen offhand at a convenient place. In the centre there is our spectacular "WoodenShip" where - flexible like a Swiss Army Knife - you can build up variegated workshop situations.