Being.Together in the mountains

It is amazing! Whoever travels to the countryside, will discover how his or her attention shifts. After a short time your neighbour becomes visible. People start discovering each other. Above 1000 meters, there is no stopping: people start greeting each other, everyone becomes familiar with each other. Almost inevitably, a hierarchy-free feeling of being together arises, a kind of certainty that we can count on the community up in the mountains.

May others propagate egocentric concepts such as wellness, selfness or mindness , we in the tranquil ‘Steinberg am Rofan’ take advantage of the typical mountain-spin for togetherness, AlpineTogetherness!

In connection with issues of how the country influences our thinking and where the new emerges („NeuLand“ and "Prinzip C“), we have asked ourselves one of the main questions whilst renovating the 400-year-old Mesnerhof Ensemble: what kind of spaces are needed for community? The numerous positive guest reviews encourage us to pursue our route, developing further the already unique space we offer for being together in #alpinetogetherness.

To be specific: We hand over the renovated areas of the Mesnerhof CCABIN and CAMP in your responsibility and as in every shared flat there are rules to follow. Of course, your stay will be too short to develop rules by yourself. So we allow ourselves to purport these and ask you to follow these rules for a successful #alpinetogetherness.


Going to the mountains is going home

John Muir