Rest & Pole

Personality development in nature

Hey Anne and Daniel, who are you and what are you doing?

We are the founders of Ruhe&Pol and we are organizing coachings for personality development in nature ( We show are participants in our workshops with specific exercises how to get more energy and take on responsibility for their lives and their very-own happiness. Our goal is to guide out participants into a fulfilled and self-determined life, in order to achieve their own goals and live healthy.


What were you doing during your community retreat?

Within the Ruhe&Pol impulse weekends we are starting the day with a morning meditation while looking at the mountains, surrounded by sounds and idyllic scenes of nature. During the day we use the cozy snuggery for our coaching sessions. The development of our participants originates from our exercise like the R&P life wheel and the vision board – both are designed on the beautiful sun terrace of the Mesnerhof-C. We close the day with an evening meditation in front of the crackling open fire in the CABIN.