Frederik & his Magazinos

Robo-Techies meet mountains!

Hey Magazinos, who are you and what are you doing?

We are Magazino, a start-up from Munich. Magazino GmbH develops and builds intelligent, mobile robots for intralogistics, which observe their surroundings and make their own decisions. These autonomous robots are working in parallel to humans and make processes more flexible and efficient. Focusing on e-commerce, fashion and production logistics, Magazino has become the largest advanced robotics team in Europe with more than 100 employees.


What were you doing during your community retreat?

Once a year we have a very special team event with all our colleagues: our „Cabin Weekend“. Even when Magazino was a very young start-up with only a few employees we were travelling to the mountains once a year in summer to go hiking. We still do that – but need some more beds now. We are using our “Cabin Weekend” at Mesnerhof-C as a useful occasion to spend some time together with the team, away from usual daily business routine. With different team-building activities, while hiking or when cooking together we get to know colleagues from other departments better. Especially because we were growing as a team within the last years strongly, this is extremely valuable.