Miriams Alpensalon

100% female power - strong like the mountains!

Hey Miriam, who are you and what are you doing?

I am organizing seminars in the Mesnerhof-C for many years now. For people from all over Germany (and Austria of course ;) ), who want to move through the world conciously and who want to live in a sustainable way. In the Alpensalon there is room for collective reflection and experiments for more concious ways of entrepreneurship, leading and cooperation. A place where all the potential of the heart, the spirit and the mind is invited to find useful answers to ecological challenges.


What were you doing during your community retreat?

Crafting prototypes, yoga, councils, creativ sessions, huge mindmaps, parallel workshops, single choachings, fire ceremonies, Excel sheet fights, 20 portions of "Kaiserschmarrn" in one pan... - the Mesnerhof is one big playground!