Maja & Cédric

Daily routine - get out! Mountain-Yoga - come in! There will be peace!

Hey Maja und Cédric, who are you and what are you doing?

We – Cédric Ullrich and Maja Block – are certified Yoga teachers from Munich and founded Moveforpeace. Movement in all its facets is main part of our lives from the beginning. We have been growing with our own development and met some challenges in life. Dancing, Asanas, Martial Art, movements inspired by animals – we want our students to investigate, discover, be curious, creative and challenge themselves!


What were you doing during your community retreat?

Twice a year we are having a three-day Yoga Camp with Moveforpeace at this wonderful place. We take our time-off for all Yoga-methods. Asanas are combined with physiological meaningful practices like Kriyas (techniques for cleaning), breathing exercises and/or relaxing and meditation. Everybody can integrate the things they’ve learned into their daily practice after this deep dive. The retreat is designed for all Yogis – from beginners to pros, who want to consolidate and expand their practice.