Granted, we are pretty cool; surfing through the cities, moving in new working environments - networked, agile, digital. But sometimes we want to get out too; into the mountains, preferably with the community, of course to a place that suits us. Folks! Our Mesnerhof CAMP is the answer. Here you will find an amazing retreat where you can do one thing above all else: Being.Chilled.Together. 

Following the farmer's CABIN, the huge hayloft was rebuilt in 2017. The result is a contemporary interpretation of a mountain camp - interwoven with co-living and co-working. The functions of cooking, eating and living are valued in an open room structure with a wooden terrace. On the back, a spectacular "wooden ship" opens up, traversed by a wide band of windows - a working and moving space of a special class. In the attic there is a soft sleeping area. In quiet "nests", up to 27 people can find a place to sleep, of course on natural mattresses. The walls are completely covered with silver fir timber. The windows set a frame for the mountains. Hygge flair prevails in the central sanitary tract. Consequently, our Mesnerhof CAMP in Austria is considered a lighthouse project for tourism innovation.
Our service concept in the sense of a super self-sufficiency gives our guests the freedom of a self-determined process. The Mesnerhof-C has already been discovered for yoga retreats and weddings. In fact, CAMP & CABIN can accommodate up to 37 people. And slowly and surely even those who would not have been expected in the mountain village of Steinberg are coming along: Airbnb, Adidas, BMW ... These seekers of the new are constantly on the look-out for spaces that encourage creativity. A place where being together casually leads into undiscovered lands, just as in our Mesnerhof CAMP.

from € 640,- minimum flat rate, including 16 people

Room for Being.TogetherAirspace for collective enterprisesRoom for many activitiesBest views in the CAMP Over 100 years old planks - strong and realMesnerhof-CAMP with Steinberger townhallMesnerhof-CAMP backsideMesnerhof-CAMP staircaseMesnerhof-CAMP with Steinberger townhallMesnerhof-CAMP facade

Wood Ship - Ahoi!

A wooden cathedral. Our view goes up the seven meters high gable. Inconspicuous LED lights curl up between the beams. The outer isololation preserves the old inside paneling. A bright strip of windows intersects the frontage and an overflow of nature is swelling in.

Raw planks cover the floor, it is 200m² of pure sensitivity. The log fireplace glimmers warmly, supporting the central heating system. Movable furniture, enabling from empty to comfy. 

An extremly cool wooden ship, ready for collective expeditions into new worlds.

Nostalgic kitchen table for Co-CookingKitchen paradies for Co-CookingOven in the CAMP kitchenScoops of enamel by "Riess"Massiv regulars´ tableOriginal enamel crockery by Riess Original enamel crockery by Riess Regulars´ tableMassiv regulars´ table

Co-Chef´s Paradise

Finally collective cooking thought trough. In the centre the square kitchen table, customized, 4 m² work surface, usable from all sides. There is enough of everything. Cooking fields, fridges, even two dishwashers. Of couse the oven is on eye height. Scoops and trowels are dangling on the rustic wooden wreath hanging down from the ceiling. High quality enamel crockery. The massiv regulars´ table streches out ready to serve. One step away the terrace invites to a BBQ session with mountain view. In this peaceful cooking paradies every sin is being forgiven.

Mesnerhof-CAMP Nester


Eleven intimate sleeping nests in contrast to the open space. The beautiful fir tree fittings connect with the heavy doors to a fragrant wooden cocoon. We were there when the 27 nature mattresses were manufactured by hand. It blows your mind! The interieur can be quite a bit of fun. And here is the highlight: The heightened dormer Windows set the tyrolian mountains into frame. Farsightedness symbolized perfectly.


Quiet corridor in the sleeping areaOne of six vanities in the sleeping areaOne of six vanities in the sleeping areaSpanish tiles named "milking-feelings"Vanity, the nest in the mirrorOne of six stylish showersNostalgic tiles in the showerOne of six toilets in the sleping areaOne of six toilets in the sleping area


Wtf.. what kind of luxury for the merely nessecary. Six nostalgic showers, toilets and wash-basins stand in rows as an offering for the nests opposite. Even the tiles sound like milking and Via Lactea. High flushing tanks produce a whooshing sound and country relish. For the boys: keep calm and sit down! (for the girls too). Steady corridors lead to the balcony on soft wooden floors. Ever heard of glamping? Well, that is what it probably means.

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